HTML Emails

A historic British fragrance house founded in 1870. I designed and built responsive emails that advertised promotions and events. I also created templates that followed good design practices such as using live text for a better text to image ratio which can reduce spam scores and can therefore improve deliverability.

Scent Library

I blended the text area in with the hero image so create unity between the product range and messaging. This also allows the content to appear as live text which will reduce the email spam score and therefore increase deliverability.

50Ml Fragrances

I chose product imagery that included packaging to give a more luxurious feel. I also used a simple 2 column layout to allow images to remain large, showing products in great detail as well as reduce the amount of scrolling through a large amount of products.

Guildford Store Opening

I Chose indoor store image that shows range of fragrances which were edited so that live text blends with images so that it looks like one big image but is actually live text blended in with the image slices to enhance deliverability. This design also allows a single link to be applied to the call-to-action button and image slices, allowing a large clickable surface area.


"I had the pleasure of working with Franco for three months at Penhaligon's, after seeing his online portfolio. He expertly fulfilled the role as an email designer for the digital team."

- Chloe Calvin, Digital Marketing at Penhaligon's

Available For Work

If you’re interested in working with me or want to know more about my work, please feel free to get in touch!

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